We are Ron, Sonja en Rico Houwers and we are living in De Meern, this place is near by Utrecht,in  the middle of the Netherlands.

the reason that we called our kennel “van het Waterlandbulls” is that we live in the part "Veldhuizen" this called "Waterland".

Our first bulldog came in january 2003. this was a real joy.We had also had other breeds, but quick after this, we know there was only one breed what stole our hart, the english bulldog. .We totaly fall in love with them.

Now it is a real addictive ..

We hope we will have good results on show in the future, and give it a chanche to breed some nice puppy's in the future.Our  puppy's raised up in our livingroom together with all our other dogs and kids, this is for the correct socialisation. They get an FCI pedigree, vaccinations, deworming, and healthgarantee from our club the EBCN. also a puppy pack and advices for the first periode..

We hope you have a nice stay on our site.

you may also call or mail us for a nice talk or information about this wonderfull breed...