Our breeding program for 2016

If you are interested in one of the following combinations  you can always contact us.

Mona Lisa v.h. Waterlandbulls Jester's Bulldogs Vincent
Pedigree of the pups

"Jester's Bulldogs Vincent"


NJK`08. "Freud van het Peerkesbos" "Galindo de Island Bull" "La Chata Kaisser"
"Nonos Toke-Me"
"Coeur van het Peerkesbos" "Seabright Silver Soliddeusone"
"Red Summer van `t Goirles Hofke"
"Jester`s Bulldogs Moonlight" "Jester`s Bulldogs Chester" "Bolero from Olympia Bull`s"
"Jester`s Bulldogs Aislinn"

Ch. "Jester`s Bulldogs Isabella"

"Koramia Coconut Joe"
"Jester`s Bulldogs Elloise"
"Mona Lisa v.h. Waterlandbulls" "CH. Zidane Kinibox"


"Merriveen Touch of Luck"

UK Ch. WW 

"Merriveen Make My Day"

"Merriveen Quite Contrary"

"Two Rivers Diamond Eyes"

"Tenderfoot Bulls Dante's"

Clubch. '99, Bundes & Lux. Jugendsieger '99

"Two Rivers Back for Good"

"Indian Rose of the Tivoli Bulls"


"Mdenapoli the Golden Boy"

UK Ch. "Jumano Johnny Be Good"

"Lola's Spirit"

"Dolcevita of the Tivoli Bulls" "Calibra Calvin Klein"
"Andora of the Tivoli Bulls"