22 juni 2019
At this moment we have no pups available

On the 29 april 2019 the pups are born of

Prada Christina van Trod


Sir Jake vh. Waterlandbulls


There are three gentleman and four ladies

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Below is the pedigree of the pups

"Sir Jake v.h. Waterlandbulls" "Jester's Bulldogs Vincent" NJK`08. "Freud van het Peerkesbos" "Galindo de Island Bull"
"Coeur van het Peerkesbos"
"Jester`s Bulldogs Moonlight" "Jester`s Bulldogs Chester"
Ch. "Jester`s Bulldogs Isabella"

"Mona Lisa v.h. Waterlandbulls"

"CH. Zidane Kinibox" "Merriveen Touch of Luck"
"Two Rivers Diamond Eyes"
Indian Rose of the Tivoli Bulls" "Mdenapoli the Golden Boy"
"Dolcevita of the Tivoli Bulls"

"Prada Christina van Trod"

"Ch. Nirvana Silver Star Nocturnal Beauty"


"Ch. Justmyday Nocturnal Beauty"

"Merriveen Touch of Luck"

"A-Debora Bull Pard"

"Ch. Elyssia de La Vallée Enchantée d'Orion"

"My Style Legend Ocobo"

"Ch. Ullyssia de La Vallée Enchantée d'Orion"

"Lambreta van Trod"


"Eace dit Jackson of Fashion Bull's"

 "Ch. Tyson du Quarrylane Cottage"

"Ch. Garner Be Fabulous"

"Ch. Imelda van Trod" "Ch. Zidane Kinibox"
"Clarisse van Trod"

Pictures pups two weeks

Pictures pups four weeks

Pictures pups five weeks

Pictures pups six weeks